Shenandoah County Churches

Virginia, USA

Shenandoah County Historical Society

P.O. Box 506,

Edinburg, VA 22824



Woodland Mennonite 500
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A site dedicated to providing historical guide to all the churches of any denomination in Shenandoah County, Virginia, including some churches where the buildings still stand but are no longer used as churches.

Our mission is provide information particularly for those whose ancestors may have been members, or were baptized, married or buried at these churches, so you can find where the churches are and what they look like today. The aim is to obtain a brief history from each church, together with old photographs showing what the church looked like before additions/renovations took place over the years.

It is not intended to provide current details of the church - names of minister/pastor, church services etc as these can change but where possible either a website link or telephone number is provided so that you can obtain further information.

Cemetery details are not provided either as there are some excellent sites which specialize in those details. (NOTE - Click on the Links page for helpful websites)

Churches where we do have the brief history have their names highlited in yellow. Churches which are no longer used as highlited in blue.  If the name is not underlined then we do not have any information apart from the name so if you could help us out, it would be most appreciated

If your church does not have the history listed we would encourage you to provide us with details plus any photographs relevant to the history, so this site can become more meaningful to those trying to research where the ancestors lived.

Updated November 2016